Sunday, April 26, 2009

Word Meaning

Q-1 Unsucked
(a) Not solid (b) Not sucked
(c) Not emphasized (d) Not stuffed
Q-2 Unsystematic
(a) Wanting system (b) Insuperable
(c) Not swept (d) Not sweetened
Q-3 Untaught
(a) Unblemished (b) Being exposed
(c) Uncontrollable (d) Illiterate
Q-4 Unthinking
(a) In consider (b) Wanting sensibility
(c) Not domesticated (d) Ungratefully
Q-5 Unthrifty
(a) Thoughtless (b) To loosen
(c) Prodigal (d) Not terminated
Q-6 Untouched
(a) Not touched (b) Not related
(c) Not cultivated (d) Not tired
Q-7 Untrained
(a) Not traced (b) Unworkable
(c) Not trading (d) Not disciplined
Q-8 Untrembling
(a) Steady (b) Not transferred
(c) Not translated (d) Not attempted
Q-9 Unvalued
(a) Unfaithful (b) Falsehood
(c) Extraordinary (d) Not valued
Q-10 Unwarily
(a) Incautiously (b) Unaffirmed
(c) To uncover (d) Invincible
Q-11 Unwed
(a) Untwisted (b) Vigilant
(c) Not watered (d) Unmarried
Q-12 Unwise
(a) Not weighed (b) Not mourned
(c) Not wise (d) To wind off
Q-13 Unwreathe
(a) Untwist (b) Ignorantly
(c) Without wit (d) Not faded
Q-14 Upbraid
(a) To elevate (b) To reproach
(c) To bind up (d) in order
Q-15 Uphold
(a) To curl upwards (b) Kept up
(c) Ascending (d) To sustain
Q-16 Up most
(a) To raise aloft (b) Furnishing
(c) Highest (d) Not worn
Q-17 Upact
(a) Proud (b) To overturn
(c) Insurrection (d) Honesty
Q-18 Urbane
(a) Civil (b) Polished
(c) A primary planet (d) to turn up
Q-19 Urging
(a) A haunch back (b) To provoke
(c) Importunate (d) Pressingly
Q-20 Urticaria
(a) Nettle rash (b) A diver
(c) A water-vase (d) A vessel for urine
Q-21 Usance
(a) Objective case (b) Custom
(c) Resembling a bear (d) Interest
Q-22 Usual
(a) Employment (b) To consume
(c) Common (d) to introduce
Q-23 Uterus
(a) Ordinarily (b) Womb
(c) Unservice-ableness (d) by usurpation
Q-24 Utopian
(a) Fanciful (b) Extremely
(c) Profitableness (d) To make useful
Q-25 Uveous
(a) A cell (b) Resembling a grape
(c) Final (d) Totally
1 b
2 a
3 d
4 a
5 c
6 a
7 d
8 a
9 d
10 a
11 d
12 c
13 a
14 b
15 d
16 c
17 b
18 a
19 c
20 a
21 d
22 c
23 b
24 a
25 b